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Laborator Soap Story S.C. Nereida S.R.L. became a Romanian manufacturer of natural products, soaps and solid shampoo, from the desire to eliminate chemicals in our lives and the trademark "Soap Story" means: specialists in natural products research, passion and love for living more beautiful and healthy.

Our goal is to produce a range of handmade soaps, 100% natural, aromatherapeutic for all skin types natural shaving soap, solid shampoo, saying a categorical "NO" to chemicals of any kind.

Why soap and shampoo?

Because increasingly more people are concerned about what we eat, about the quality of the air we breathe quality and is natural that more and more consider that cosmetics should be natural. Soap is the most used cosmetic product most often comes in contact with our skin.

Respect for nature and the environment prompted us to use only environmentally friendly packaging.






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The main benefits of the products Soap Story are:
»   Gentle cleansing, moisturizing, softening, elasticity, firmness;
»   Positive effects on the nervous system, enhance health, mental generate pleasurable sensations;
»   Natural glycerine content of 25%, obtained by saponification in ”cold” process - a natural emollient;
»   Improving skin and hair problems such as cellulite, acne, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff;
Soap Story team encourages you to use natural soaps and shampoo for a day care without chemicals!

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